Chasing Cisco DevNet Certifications

At Cisco Live 2019 in San Diego, Cisco announced an overhaul to the certification program. This included the introduction of the new Cisco DevNet certification track. Prior to this announcement I was already starting to go down the path to learn the tools involved in Network Automation, Infrastructure as Code, NetDevOps … whatever we want to call it (I think I am partial to NetDevOps). Like many I am excited by this announcement, it provides a goal on which to focus, and the ability for some skill validation and recognition.

We have a little over eight months before the new certification’s become available. My intention is to start studying now, and be ready in February to be among the first wave of people to achieve a Cisco DevNet certification. This is an exciting time and I expect this to be an exciting journey. Many of the topics on the exam blueprint are already familiar to me as I have been dabbling in this area for a few months, but now I have a objective to focus on.

I will be starting with the Cisco DevNet Associate certification path, and hope to be able to followup quickly with a Cisco DevNet certification. While the DevNet Associate certification is not a pre-requisite for the DevNet Professional certification, as this is a new world for me it seems like the logical spot to start. This also gives me time to think about what DevNet Specialist track / concentration exam I want to pursue.

As I complete this journey I hope to add some information to this blog to document what I learn, and provide information that may be helpful to others going down this path now or in the future.

To Learn more about the new DevNet certifications check out:

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